Wednesday, February 15, 2017

All married💍 couples Status

Who's older?
•Him (9 years!)

Who was interested first?
• Him

Same High School?
• No

Most Sensitive?
• Me

Worst temper?

More social?

Most stubborn?
• Okkkk,it's meeee.... :P

Wakes up first?
•Obviously me... I'll be the alarm clock!

Bigger Family?
• Me (6 siblings)

Who cooks the most?
• Of course Me

Cries more?
• Me ( Queen. ..kikiki)

Better singer?
• Can I say ...Both of us....ahahahaha...perasan nih!!

Better driver?
• Me?? (i drove the car most of the time)

Hogs the remote?
• Him

Better at cooking?
• Me la...hihi
How many years have you been together?
• almost 8 years (since 2009)

Where was your 1st date?
. Le Grandeur Hotel for Iftar CIMB

Who does most of the laundry?
• Him...most of the times... .Thanks Mohd. Faidzal Tumin .....really appreciate it..💖💖💞💞💖

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